Palisades Dental Arts’ uses state-of-the-art technology, tools, and dental equipment. We love kids!  The soothing atmosphere, kid-friendly staff, and gentle doctor will allow your children to be at ease when going to the dentist. You’ll love the peace of mind you all have in the reception area, the back rooms, and when you’re pulling away when the visit is complete knowing that your smiles are well cared for.

Why Dentists Are So Important For Children?

American Fork Pediatric Dentists can have a significant influence on a child’s overall oral health and hygiene.

Particular emphasis is placed on oral function and development. Good chewing habits, proper speech production, and preparing for permanent teeth all require that the dentist fulfill many important functions such as proper maintenance and care of deciduous (aka baby) teeth.

because dentistry should be comfortable


“Bruxism can cause the apex of your bicuspids to erode thereby exposing the dentin”

Tis is not a sentence we’d use when talking with your children, instead our staff uses child-friendly terminology along with other aids such as models and computer technology.

Overall we emphasis to children the importance of good oral hygiene and help them understand their role in accomplishing that. In addition to educating our younger up-and-coming patients, we also teach parents about disease prevention, good eating habits, trauma prevention, and other aspects of personal oral hygiene.

developmental monitoring

Dentists track growth and development for children in order to accurately predict dental issues and intervene before they become an issue.

By meeting any dental issues head on in the earlier years, Dr. Youngquist is able to preserve childhood self-esteem and foster a more positive self image.

preventive Care

Establishing sound eating and oral hygiene habits in parents and children can prevent later tooth decay. In addition to the regular check up and cleanings, Palisades Dental Arts can also apply dental sealants to young teeth.. With children, our main focus is to provide preventive care to help each child cultivate a smile that will last a lifetime.
Palisades Dental Arts is where smiles come true. It’s a combination of the finest pediatric dental care with a relaxing environment that’s sure to make you and your children enjoy going to the dentist!

  • “I was in for a dental implant post placement. I feel like Dr. Youngquist went the extra mile to make sure everything would heal well and that the post would be secure for the future implant to be placed.”

    —Nelson, Tracee
  • “I find Dr. Youngquist and his staff friendly and cheerful. I feel like they try to make my visit a positive experience. Dr. Youngquist helped me make decisions concerning my potential needs. My experience in their office was delightfulI had not been to a dentist for about 20 years, Honestly I was a little scared/ nervous, but the staff was awesome, they treated me great. Lucky for me they only found a few minor issues, which they will take care of at my next appointment. I was thrilled with the entire experience, and Dr. Youngquist is awesome. As much as I have hated the dentist in the past, I've had a change of heart, and look forward to my REGULAR visits to the dentist, and will be sending my family in as well..”

    —Mayo, Rob
  • “I loved that I got in at the time of my appointment. There was literally no down time. I have never had a dentist appointment done in such a timely manner. I drive from SLC for my appointments and its extremely helpful when my visits are so efficient. Great work. Keep this up.”

    —Powell, Bradley